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Inaugurated in June of 2002, The Sporting Academy is the first of such size and quality to be built in Portugal. The Academy is the most modern and well equipped facility of its kind in Europe; situated in a tranquil environment and climate that is recommended for the preparation of football teams. Devoted to training and management, the complex is ready to prepare for any kind of football competition.

The Sporting Academy is characterised by its privacy: being situated in a rural area and fully monitored by various security systems.

The complex’s 250 thousand square metres of space are fully monitored by video surveillance and intrusion detection systems. The entrance to the Academy is a private road with a gate operated via a video surveillance system that is permanently manned.

The Sporting Academy is the centre of all that is Sporting Clube de Portugal and also has facilities that can be rented out. The Academy provides a service of preparation and training for professional teams and staff of all levels from the age of 13 and up.

As one of Sporting’s strategic pillars, the Academy offers excellent working conditions for professionals, as well as being the essential part in the functioning of the Club's football school for the training of talents: many of whom reside in the halls provided at the Academy.