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Photo by César Santos

“This is the last time we will hold back"

By Jornal Sporting
08 Jan, 2017

Bruno de Carvalho visiting Supporters' Clubs around the country

The Sporting CP president, Bruno de Carvalho, was on the road this week, visiting Supporters' Clubs around the country. Questions inevitably awaited in relation to the recent refereeing incidents in Portuguese football and the Alvalade chief did not shy away from passing comment.

"Sporting CP cannot carry on sitting back and watching as we are damaged. I don't understand how we are eight points off the top of the league, with the investments we have made. We have missed a lot of goals and haven't been playing great, but refereeing has contributed to that too. This is the last time that the club will hold back, because we will not tolerate this any more. We will give the benefit of the doubt one more time, in the believe that we will be where we want to be at the end of the season", said Carvalho.

The Sporting CP president went on to affirm the need for change, highlighting issues that condition the country's officials: "Making the wrong decision no longer influences how referees are rated and that hows a lack of preparation. Not taking those decisions into account is like forgiving crimes in society. We have made internal proposals to UEFA and FIFA, many of which were approved by national and international institutions. Now we are going to try again. The video-referee is fundamental. After five years of testing in the Netherlands, it is crucial that we implement the technology. This have to be made more transparent, so people talk less about scandal and more about football."