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Football - Main team

Tiago Ilori

  • 1 Goals
  • 140 Games
  • 7163 minutes played
  • 0 Assists
  • 9 Yellow card
  • 1 Red card

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Tiago Abiola Delfim Almeida Ilori

Tiago Ilori was born in London and raised in Portugal. He began his career at  Imortal DC (Albufeira), where he captured Sporting CPs attention.

In 2006, Tiago joing Sporting CPs World renowned training Academy. In 2011/2012, Tiago integrated Sporting CPs main squad and quickly was a constant presence on the teams starting 11. He was transfered to Liverpool in exchange for €7.5M.

After various loans to Granada, Bordeaux and Aston Villa, the player was transfered to Reading. During 2018/2019 Winter transfer window, Tiago returned home and is now part of Sporting CPs Main Squad.

Previous Clubs

2004-2006: Imortal DC (youth squad)
2006/2007: SPORTING CP (youth squad)
2007/2008: GD Estoril-Praia (youth squad)
2008-2011: SPORTING CP (youth squad)
2011-2013: SPORTING CP
2013/2014: Liverpool FC / Granada CF (on loan)
2014/2015: FCG Bordeaux (on loan)
2015/2016: Liverpool FC / Aston Villa FC (on loan)
2016/2017: Liverpool FC / Reading FC (on loan)
2017/2018: Reading FC
2018/2019: Reading FC / SPORTING CP


1 - Campeonato Distrital de Juvenis (2008/09, pelo SPORTING CP)
1 - Campeonato de Juniores de Portugal (2011/12, pelo SPORTING CP)
1 - Taça de Portugal (2018/19, pelo SPORTING CP)