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Karate first laid down its roots in Alvalade in 2006. With modest results in the early days, the sport really took off in 2010, with the arrival of top athletes at the club. Today, Sporting’s Karate department is one of the best in the country, providing athletes for both national and international competitions.

The man behind the sport in Alvalade was Nuno Paiva. “More recently we have seen some fantastic athletes come in and that has naturally led to titles. Our objective is to carry on building on our superiority in Portugal and to start leaving a mark in Europe”, notes the Alvalade judo founder.

The Hernández brothers and Filipe Reis are the department’s big names. For Mauro Hernández, there is always time at the end of the day to do what he loves most. “Karate is what keeps me going. It is difficult to fit everything in, but we manage. When I was younger what matters was being tough, but today I see Karate differently”, reveals Mauro.

The first of the three to join Sporting was Filipe Reis, back in 2010. “I don’t think we are punching above out weight. We work hard to get where we are today. Last year not many people were expecting us to win the championships”, affirms Reis, going on to add how he finds time for his professional and personal life: “It isn’t easy. I get up at six every morning and only go to bed at midnight. However, I want to carry on practicing Karate as long as I feel that I can.”