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Mission and Objectives

Sporting Clube de Portugal is one of the 'big three' of Portuguese sports clubs, but is well ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of honours won and is by far the most successful national sports club: boasting more than 14 thousand titles, 22 European Cups, 109 Olympic athletes (8 medals) and a series of national, European and world records that still stand today.

At the time of the Club's foundation, in 1906, its main founder, José Alvalade, uttered the famous words ‘We want Sporting to be a big Club, as big as the biggest in Europe’. His ambition is something that is always been present at the Club throughout its century of existence and is a constant point of reference on the horizon of every Sporting fan, which is reflected by the Club's exceptional athletes and teams.

With 3 million fans spread across the world, more than 100 thousand members and almost 11 thousand athletes that practice sports on a daily basis while proudly wearing the Club's symbol close to their heart, Sporting Clube de Portugal is a Club with a true presence on the global scale; represented by its 250 Supporters Clubs Affiliates and Delegations that span the 5 continents (it is the only national club to have such a universal presence).

Sporting Clube de Portugal is the...

... 1ST PLACED NATIONAL TEAM and 2nd placed European team in terms of Olympians produced (109), spanning across 10 different sports

... 1ST PLACED NATIONAL TEAM and 3rd placed European team in terms of games played in UEFA competition, behind Real Madrid and Barcelona

... 1ST PLACED NATIONAL TEAM and 3rd placed European in terms of European Cups won (22), behind Barcelona and Real Madrid 

It is easy to understand the principle objectives and motto of Sporting Clube de Portugal, being: ‘Effort, Dedication, Devotion and Glory’. The respect demanded for the traditions of the Club by its fans is something that will always be honoured.

In 1998, Sporting SAD was entered into the Lisbon stock exchange and another group of people began to play an important part at the Club. That group of people is the shareholders, who share with the Club a sense of mutual respect. The objective of this is to increase the value of the Sporting brand, to turn it into an even more professional organisation and to seek out new market sectors into which Sporting Clube de Portugal can diversify its activities in a way that gives a competitive edge.