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Photo by Isabel Silva

Amorim: "We don’t really know what we will be facing"

By Sporting CP
12 Apr, 2024

​With Gil Vicente FC between coaches, Sporting CP are up against an unknown quantity this Friday

Sporting Clube de Portugal play this Friday away at Gil Vicente FC, as the Liga Portugal season reaches a pivotal stage.

The opposing team fired their coach at the beginning of this week, with Sporting CP boss Rúben Amorim admitting that the change means his team do not really know what to expect.

“There is more uncertainty, we don’t really know what we will be facing. We have had to look a little at what Gil Vicente FC have been doing to see the individual characteristics, because that sometimes is very important in the game, not just the tactical aspect. We also went to see (interim coach) Carlos Cunha's Under-23s play. He already went through this situation last year and, therefore, we went to see what he did, especially against SL Benfica," explained Amorim.

"Otherwise, we did our normal preparation, just with that uncertainty, but were very focused on what we have to do. As we also had a little more time, we looked at the possibility of three centre backs, because we don't know what awaits us. In other words, we prepared for everything, but we know that if we stick to our way of playing, we will have more of the ball. Therefore, we focused more on that. I would say that the preparation was different because we don't really know what to expect.”

"We have one player who is a doubt. There was a player who felt some pain during training. I'm not going to say which one it is, and we're still going to evaluate him. Otherwise, everything is fine. Antonio Adán is already back training on the pitch, and he is much better than he was last week, but we still don't have a firm date for his return."

Sporting CP have experienced difficulties in Minho in recent seasons, but dismissed the impact of this statistic.

“Whether it is in Minho or not, the games against Gil Vicente FC are always difficult and anything can happen. There are those who look at these things and think about it a lot, but I'm not like that. We have prepared for Gil Vicente FC, we want to win, and then we'll move on to the next game, but what makes us most anxious is that we don't really know how Gil Vicente FC will play."

The coach also noted that Sporting CP have to do better from set pieces than on recent matchdays.

“We have conceded some goals from dead ball situations, mainly free kicks. In that part of the game we are one of the worst teams, but then, even at European level, we are one of the best teams in offensive terms, especially from corners. One thing doesn't connect with the other. I think we have to be more aggressive and, this week, we tried to improve the speed with which we get into position. We need to increase concentration and aggression and talk more to each other. I would say that, if we look at the percentage, we have conceded a lot of goals from set pieces. We have opposition teams shooting on goal less, but we concede more goals. Therefore, we have to improve this point. I wouldn’t say it’s our Achilles heel, and we’re going to improve it, but it’s something we have had our focus on during the week.”

In anticipation of the game in Barcelos, he was also asked about the euphoria after the victory in the derby last Saturday against SL Benfica.

“This feeling of wanting to be champions has been there since the beginning, but obviously, as the seasons progresses, we believe more and more. The players were very happy with the result and the moment the goal was scored in, and the stadium also had an influence on this. Everyone was happy with the result. However, this week we worked very calmly. People are starting to believe more and more, but there is a lot to do. So I didn't feel any euphoria. The players worked well, prepared well and I felt that everyone wanted to play. They are aware of the difficulty of the games that are coming up. I didn't feel any difference compared to the other weeks. The players are as confident as always, but they know that all games are very difficult."

"Everyone's appreciation in value was because we brought together talented players and they helped each other. I think this has much more impact than the coach's role, but it's worth nothing if we don't end the season with trophies. That would devalue everyone. The scouting department managed to find players with great talent for a low price. 

Therefore, it is not thanks to the coach, but the players and scouting department. The entire structure of Sporting CP is working well, but we have to win trophies to give value to the players,” he said.