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General Assembly

The Board of the General Assembly is composed of:

3 Secretaries

The President of the Board of the General Assembly must have been a Club Member for at least twenty consecutive years.

This is the Club's most representative body as is responsible for:

- Calling General Assemblies and indicating the agenda for meetings
- Proclaiming Club Members elected for offices
- To undertake all other activities which legally are within its competency

Rogério Paulo Castanho Alves

Vice President
João Eduardo Raposo Rodrigues Celorico Palma

José Manuel Costa Galo Tomé de Carvalho
Pedro Jorge Gonçalves Pereira de Almeida Cabral
José Henrique Bastos de Castro Costa Pinto

Miguel Augusto Ferreira Vinagre
Ana Rita Martins Ventura da Cunha Calvão
Maria de Lurdes Gago Formosinho Mealha