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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of no less than five and no more than eleven members, with the President having a casting vote. The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

 1/3 of its members with more than twenty years of uninterrupted club membership
 1/3 of its members with more than fifteen years of uninterrupted club membership

The Board of Directors is the Sporting Clube de Portugal Administration's collegiate body and has the general responsibility to promote and manage all associated activities, including acts of management, representation, rulings and the execution of the deliberations of the other governing bodies, ensuring that they are adequate for Sporting Clube de Portugal's objectives.

The Board of Directors' competencies include, but are not limited to:

  To define and manage the Club's sports policy;
  To designate Club Members as representatives of the Club in SAD's general assembly;
  To provide the Fiscal and Disciplinary Council with any elements requested;
  To levy revenue and order expenditure, in conformity with normal budgeting practices;
  To promote and manage the Sporing Jornal (Jornal Sporting);
  To represent the Club with associations and federations.


Frederico Nuno Faro Varandas


Francisco Albuquerque Salgado Zenha

Filipe Miguel Rebelo Osório de Castro

Pedro José Correia de Barros de Lencastre

João Ataíde Ferreira Sampaio

Maria José Engrola Serrano Biléu Sancho


Francisco José Nina Martins Rodrigues dos Santos

Rahim Jaherali Ahamad

Miguel Ingenerf Duarte Afonso

Miguel Maria do Nascimento Nogueira Leite

Alexandre Matos Jorge Ferreira


André da Costa Cabral Bernardo

André Seabra dos Santos Cymbron