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Peaky Blinders' inspired caps a hit on online store and social media

By Sporting CP
12 Feb, 2021

The new accessory proves to be an instant success

Don't adjust your screens. That really is João Pereira, Nuno Santos and Zouhair Feddal, representing Sporting CP on the streets of Lisbon, rather than the Shelby family on the streets of Birmingham.

This Wednesday, the Club ran a social media campaign inspired by the Netflix and BBC show 'Peaky Blinders,' and the trio of players were more than happy to participate.

The image shows the three players in a style identical to the characters on the show, as a way to mark the launch of the ‘Boina Fazenda Verde’ cap in the Loja Verde official store. Stock soon ran out, as fans rushed to pick up the limited edition item, causing an increase in traffic on the online shop. In response, a new cap is already being planned for release, with more details to be given soon.

As previously announced, as part of the Club's digital transformation project, a new online Loja Verde will be launched this year, with development already underway in partnership with Dixtior.