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Photo by Mário Vasa

"We know the quality we have and the work we will do"

By Sporting CP
23 Jan, 2021

Tiago Tomás is excited about the Taça da Liga final

Tiago Tomás joined coach Ruben Amorim at the Artur Agostinho Auditorium for the pre-match press conference for the Taça da Liga final, and guaranteed that Sporting CP will show plenty of desire in the clash with SC Braga.

"We are motivated, as we always are for any game. With this being a final, then we are even more up for it. We are confident, we know the quality we have and we know the work we will do tomorrow", he stated, adding that the game "has the extra importance of us representing Sporting CP and playing in a final".

Asked if a penalty shoot-out, something narrowly avoided against FC Porto in the semifinal, was an aspect that the team had practiced, Tomás admitted that there had been a rehearsal of spot kicks. However, he also said that the objective is not to reach that point.

"We practiced them because it could happen, and we will have to be prepared for everything the game asks of us. But we want to win inside the 90 minutes", he explained.

For Tomás, the opportunity to play in a first final is something he is relishing -and which he can scarcely believe.

"When I joined Sporting CP seven years ago, this was all a dream. Now it is a reality and there is no time for me to be dazzled by the bright lights. I have to continue working as I have done, keep focused and give my best, as always".

"We are all doing our best to show that we can be options for the game tomorrow. Jovane [Cabral] came in [against FC Porto], scored two goals and we are very happy for him. It is a positive competitiveness that we have amongst the strikers. I hope that I can score a goal tomorrow, so that I can say I have scored in all competitions", said the forward, who has found the net in Liga NOS, the Taça de Portugal and the Europa League.