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Photo by José Lorvão

Nuno Santos and Esgaio talk to media ahead of busy October

By Sporting CP
13 Oct, 2021

“The team are prepared, as always," say the pair

Nuno Santos and Ricardo Esgaio spoke to journalists this week, as they continue to train at the Academia Sporting during the international break.

The two players explained the confidence and the good atmosphere that abounds in the squad, before a series of five games that will take place before the end of October.

“The team are prepared, as always. We have a fantastic group that are ready for adversity. As always, we are taking things game by game: In the Champions League, in Liga Portugal and in the cups,” said Santos, adding: “First we have a game against CF “Os Belenenses” in the Taça de Portugal. We respect our opponents, but it's a game that we have to win and gain confidence from, so that we can then move on to the Champions League, where we will face Besiktas JK with the greatest motivation."

“We have a small group, but with a lot of quality and we are even stronger this year. We are prepared for what is to come,” he continued.

Focused on the team and on Sporting CP's objectives, the winger had been praised recently for his performance and goal against FC Arouca.

“It was another goal and an important victory, but it represents only that. It was, above all, another victory -and the group needed that for morale. I like to play and I want to help the team."

Esgaio, who usually plays on the wing, has already been played in the centre of the defence due to absences for other candidates, but is willing to adapt. “Everyone knows me as a player. I will occupy any position to help the team achieve its goals," he insisted.

“We have had a quiet week, in which we were able to recover and get ready for what is to come. However, with our coach you never get a chance to take things easy; even if there is no competition, he likes to keep the intensity levels up and doesn't let the team relax. That's how we have been working to return to action with high motivation and fitness.

The defender also spoke of Pedro Gonçalves' return, saying that “Sporting CP needs everyone, and Pote is a great asset."

Esgaio, who has come back to the club after four seasons away, revealed that he found “a different Sporting CP” on his return, and was pleased to be able to have the support of Sportinguistas in the stands.

“It has been fantastic to play in front of them. Their support is amazing, as seen in Arouca in the rain. We are grateful for their willingness to help us, and I hope that they will always be with us."