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Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre role is to package, organize, inventory, catalogue and make available its documental collection: national sports newspapers, with special focus to the “Jornal Sporting” (Sporting Newspaper); international sports newspapers; magazines and monographs. The ongoing work of the Documentation Centre aims to deepen the knowledge on sports practice and its importance to society. The main goal is to make available information and contents to all types of investigations. 

Educational Service

The Educational Service of the Sporting Museum proposes to build a space open to all, working with and for the various audiences that the museum welcomes. Its mission is to share the history and identity of the club as well as to ensure that all Sportinguistas (Sporting fans) feel depicted in the museum.
The museum aims to provide informative tours that help discover Sporting CP’s history and present activity. For that matter, it’s important to recognize that different publics require different approaches and needs. The main objective is to come up with non-formal educational and recreational strategies so that the visitors can fully enjoy the experience.

Conservation and Restoration

The Conservation and Restoration Department is responsible for the promotion and management of the historical and sports collection of Sporting Clube de Portugal, in its museum, technical reserve and temporary exhibitions. Such mission is developed with the following tasks: object incorporation; inventory; organization and packaging of objects and interventions of conservation and restoration. All of these tasks are ensured through the study and evaluation of the collection which allow for strategic planning, implementation of preventive measures and interventions of conservation and restoration.

Photographic Documentation

The Photographic Documentation service is responsible for the photographic record of the Sporting Museum collection. This record is a fundamental and rigorous process that’s essential for the safeguard of the collection. In addition, the service keeps track of the analogue photographs inventory in the Photographic Archive and also tells the history of Sporting Clube de Portugal in images.

Memory Centre

The Centro de Memórias (Centre for Memories) is a museum service focused on the record and preservation of the Club’s Intangible heritage. This process is carried out by collecting testimonies - normally interviews - related to Sporting CP, on an audio-visual support. Later, the final result is filled and added to the inventory. The informal conversation, with the help of memories, photographs, videos and objects, helps us build a more complete history of the club.