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Capoeira covers a wide range of sports, educational, therapeutic, artistic, cultural and philosophical styles. A martial art with African and Brazilian roots, the sports structure, principles and training include both formal and informal sports theories.

Capoeira is characterised as a defensive and offensive system which can also be used as a form of art, dance, gymnastics, combat or game, either individually, in pairs or groups through rhythmic movements based on agility, flexibility, control, fakes and controlled falls, making use of all parts of the body including the legs, arms and head.

Sessions are normally accompanied with music, following the so-called Capoeira Angola and Capoeira Regional traditions, invariably using the berimbau.

Capoeira is recognised internationally as a sport coming from Brazil, defined by a meeting between, indigenous, Portuguese and African cultures.

Capoeira at Sporting Clube de Portugal

SCP's Capoeira department follows the main principles of Competative Capoeira and the International Capoeira Federation. Alvalade's Capoeira department has taken on methodologies which encourage greater links between citizens and institutions through projects which encourage a healthy lifestyle and which provide the tools for the development of the role of citizens in society in general.