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Parents and children: babies (12 to 36 months);  3-4 years; 5-6 years; 7-10 years;
Gymnastic sports: 7-9 years; 10-12 years; Older than 11;

Specific disciplines:
Acrobatics: Beginners and Development;
Dance: Traditional Portuguese; Modern; Ballroom; Zumba, Zumba Toning.
Trampolines: Recreational; Female Gymnastics (6-10 years);
Rhythmic: 5/8 years; +8 years;

Exercise and Health:
Cardiac Rehabilitation; Geriatrics; Keep Fit; Aerobics; General Rhythmic, Physical Conditioning;

Rhythmic Gymnastics; Traditional Portuguese Dance; Dance; Hip-Hop; Keep Fit.

Pre-Competition and Competition:
Trampolines and Teamgym


Lessons begin in September and end in July.
Fees are paid on a monthly basis.
June and July must be paid in advance.
Fees are paid from the 25th to the 8th.
No lessons are held on national or municipal holidays.
Sporting Club Members have a 15% discount on fees.
Families have a 10% discount for a second family member and 15% for 3rd family member.