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What is Billiards?

Three-cushion billiards

Three-cushion billiards (sometimes called three-cushion carom, three-cushion, three-cushions, three-rail, rails and the angle game, and often spelled with "3" instead of "three") is a popular form of carom billiards.

The object of the game is to carom the cue ball off both object balls and contact the rail cushions at least 3 times before the last object ball. A point is scored for each successful carom. In most shots the cue ball hits the object balls one time each, although hitting them any number of times is allowed as long as both are hit. The contacts between the cue ball and the cushions may happen before and/or after hitting the first object ball. The cue ball does not have to contact 3 different cushions as long as they have been in contact at least 3 times in total.

Billiard at Sporting Clube de Portugal

The sport has existed at the club since the 1940's, with Sporting having already claimed a wealth of individual and collective titles.

Sporting also took part in the sport of pool, from 1997 to 2002, with similar levels of success also enjoyed.

Although completely amateur at the club, Sporting had played a notable role in representing Portugal in international tournaments.