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Sporting Clube de Portugal's chess department was formed in 1958 by Dr. Victor Buescu, a Romanian born professor working in Lisbon University. People such as Albano Ilharco, Enes Batista, Castanheira da Silveira, National Master António Rocha and Renato Figueiredo joined the team, attracting some of the sport's top names (National Master João Mário Ribeiro, FIDE Master João Cordovil and International Master Internacional Joaquim Durão) and projecting the department forward into early success.


The 21st century has seen somewhat of a rebirth of Sporting's chess project after three quite decades, with titles being won in 2014 in the speed discipline.

Individually, the club brought in IM Fernando Silva and FM António Pereira dos Santos, joining up with the core team of IM Paulo Dias, NM Pedro Rego, NM António Vasques, Miguel Silva and José Ribeiro. 

In total, Alvalade's chess department has won 11 national titles and 4 Portuguese Cups, making it one of the country's most successful teams.