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Photo by César Santos

"Won't make us weaker"

By Jornal Sporting
04 Jun, 2016

Bruno de Carvalho at Alcobaça Supporters' Club celebrations

Speaking in a special event at the Alcobaça Sporting Supporters' Club, Bruno de Carvalho shared his thoughts on life in the Alvalade hot seat.

"Everything that hasn't happened won't make us weaker. It will make us even more determined to make our voice heard. When we arrived three years ago we said that football needed to rebuild its credibility and every day we have more and more examples of why that is needed", said Bruno de Carvalho at the event, adding a work on refereeing: "Some Portuguese clubs have opened their eyes now. Bring in the video referee and give people what they want, which is justice and good sportsmanship. We are wasting a lot of time talking about it instead of doing it."

For Bruno de Carvalho, reforms shouldn't stop with just football: "Of course it isn't just football. We hae all seen what is happening in Portuguese handball as well. We can't just sit back and watch a team refuse us tickets. Nobody was worried about it and then the same thing happened with Benfica and the game was canceled. Enough is enough."