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Photo by José Cruz

"We all have to reflect on today"

By Jornal Sporting
10 May, 2017

Bruno de Carvalho on recent loses

Speaking with the press this week, the Sporting CP president Bruno de Carvalho didn't spare criticism of last weekend's defeat at the hands of Os Belenenses.

"It wasn't want we wanted. The fans came out in force and the only thing we can do is apologise. This match has nothing to do with what Sporting CP is. The fans don't deserve what they saw. I'm no interested in how we did going forward, I am interested in winning. This club cannot be this. We all have to reflect on today, including directors, coaches and athletes. There is no excuse for giving such a bad day to the fans when we had a full stadium of fans", said Bruno de Carvalho, adding: "Unfortunately at the end of the match I can not say that the fans are happy. The fans believe in this project, more than the coach or the players, and they have been fantastic despite what has been a terrible season."

To finish the Alvalade president commented on the recent UEFA Futsal Cup final loss: "I cannot arrive in Kazakhstan and see Sporting CP beaten so badly in the final of that competition and then come to Alvalade and see another defeat full of mistakes. As president, I am saying that enough is enough. Everything has to be different next season. Sporting CP has to win, not make excuses."