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Sporting SAD makes one million trimester profit

By Jornal Sporting
02 Jun, 2016

Results published from January to March

Sporting SAD reported a positive operating result of one million euros from January to March, having however accumulated a loss of 17.1 million euros in the first nine months of the 2015/2016 season due to a decision by the Swiss Court of Arbitration which ordered the provision of a total of 14.4 million euros. Without this impact on non-current expenditure, brought about by the case with Doyen relative to the sale of the player Rojo, the result would have been a 2.7 million euro loss.

The current season saw an increased investment by Sporting SAD in technical staff and players, in order to provide for a greater margin for negotiation with sponsors and for television rights, given that the the main sponsorship contract with the main team finished in 2014/2015 and that television rights for league home games were to be negotiated.

The biggest sponsorship and television rights deal in Portuguese football was agreed in 2015, with NOS and PPTV, together with direct qualification for the Champions League, clearly justifying an increased investment.

The current result is also effected by the decision of the Board of Administration to maintain the sports rights of athletes and, consequently, economic rights of players considered as fundamental. Due to this decision and in light of investments in the team, further expenditure has been registered relative to personnel.