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Photo by César Santos

“This is art"

By Jornal Sporting
29 Jul, 2016

Jorge Jesus comments on FourFourTwo world rankings

A question of art, work and a touch of science. That is how coach Jorge Jesus reacted to a recent publication by the British magazine FourFourTwo, which named the Alvalade boss as the 10th best coach in the world.

“Of course I am happy. This isn't the first time that FourFourTwo puts me in the top-10 in the world. Last year I was 15th and this year I am 10th, which brings extra responsibility", said Jesus in an exclusive interview with Sporting TV.

For the Alvalade boss, 10th is of course not enough. " I know what I can do. I know I have been important for the clubs where I have worked and for bringing in new ideas. I still have a lot to win. I wouldn't say I am in the middle of my career, but I am still a long way from finishing", affirmed Jesus, adding: "This award is a reflection of how I train. A coach is a bit like a player and to be a good coach you have to add a touch of art, but the biggest part of the game is the science behind it. I built a few strategic moments about 20 years ago which are still used today. The lads who work with me say that I am different and I know I am. This is art."