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"It was a deserved win"

By Jornal Sporting
29 Aug, 2016

Gelson Martins on Sporting's 2-1 win against FC Porto on Sunday night

Gelson Martins was the player chosen to speak with the press after Sporting's 2-1 win against Fc Porto this Sunday and the Alvalade younger was more than clear on his interpretation of the encounter: "It was a deserved win. We didn't start well, but we improved and had a good game overall."

Avoiding commenting on the sending off of Jorge Jesus, Gelson added a word on how the season has been developing so far: "We have made a good start, but it is still really early in the season. We still have a lot of matches to play and we have to make sure we don't get carried away. I hope this season is the big one for me and that is what I am working hard every day for."