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"A chance to pick up where I left off"

By Jornal Sporting
31 Aug, 2016

Elias returns to Alvalade three years after departure

Not many people would have believed it, but Elias has indeed returned to Alvalade from Corinthians, three years after first leaving the Portuguese capital. Moments after penning his new deal, the Brazilian midfielder explained the reasoning behind the move.

"I am happy to be back. It is a club I know and that wants to win the league. That is what made me want to come back. Everything happened really quickly and I was surprised but really happy with Sporting's interest. I said straight away that I wanted to come back to this great club", said Elias, before going on to explain the Bruno de Carvalho's input in the move: "The president is really good at negotiating and he dealt with everything in 24 hours. I am more experienced now and I am better tactically and positionally. I don't attack as much, but I look to do it better when I do. I don't just want to flight for titles, I want to win them. This is a chance to pick up where I left off."