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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "There was no lack of intensity, desire or heart"

By Sporting CP
23 Jan, 2022

The coach reflects on the 1-2 loss to SC Braga

In his post-match press conference, Rúben Amorim expressed that his Sporting Clube de Portugal side had lost harshly against SC Braga in Liga Portugal, having dominated for practically the entire match.

“We had the game under control, but after the penalty the team became more restless. We could have scored more goals before the break, but it didn't go smoothly again. When we risked everything, we left some space for the opposition and there were some mistakes on our part, but when it is a tactical failing, the coach can take it. There was no lack of intensity, desire or heart. The players gave what they had. There was a better part of the game, and another that was less fluid, but we were always on top of things. Therefore, I think the result is unfair”, he began by saying.

“The result should have been very different. It wasn't, and that's football. We have to look at what we have to improve. In the first half, when SC Braga got into our area, it was with bounces of the ball. In the second half, their danger came when we made mistakes in our linkup".

“There were games in which we did not dominate so much and we won and this time it was quite the opposite".

Nevertheless, Amorim expressed confidence in his team.

“We have lost two games, and we've already lost more than we did last year, but our idea hasn't changed because of that. That's football. I like to say that this year we have played better than last year, and we've lost more times, but there are also things that we can't control".

“The team feel bad about being at a disadvantage, both in terms of the game and in terms of our points in the table. We're not used to it, and it seems like we have to rush and can't keep our identity so strongly. This is a new situation for the team, but it's part of us growing. The coach has to go through this. and the players too. We are growing through this situation”, he concluded.