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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "Two transitions decided the result"

By Sporting CP
19 Apr, 2022

​The coach reflects on the derby defeat to SL Benfica

At the end of the derby between Sporting Clube de Portugal and SL Benfica, which ended with a 0-2 defeat, coach Rúben Amorim attended a press conference to analyse the game.

Speaking to journalists, he explained that "the result is what made me least satisfied."

"The game started with Sporting CP taking the initiative and SL Benfica scored. Then they defended with a very low block and took a lot of space in which for us to play away. We were uninspired throughout the game. We got through many times and they sent the ball for a corner. As the game progressed, it created some anxiety. We risked everything because we had to score two goals, and that doesn't always go well. Crosses didn't end well. One team was defending further back and waiting for the transition, and we had more possession, but our final ball and shot were without inspiration. Two transitions decided the result."

According to Amorim, the team "perhaps got worse after the substitutions, because, perhaps, the coach took players off in the wrong positions."

"João Palhinha didn't work out very well at centre back and we put in Ricardo Esgaio. It isn't the players' responsibility."

"We lost a derby and, more than that, we stopped being able to fight for the title. That's hard for us, and it's not worth hiding it. We should be fighting for the title, but tomorrow I'll be back. We've been through tougher times and we have the Taça de Portugal to prepare," he added.

He also guaranteed that, for the near future, "there is no greater motivation than being in the semi-finals of the Taça de Portugal."

 "We are going to the stadium of a team that are about to be crowned champions and have an advantage in the tie. We've done more difficult things before, and that's how we're going to face the game, because we're a team who can turn the tie around."

"The team need to be better in the key moments of the match, whether that be attacking or defending, and hope for a more inspired day. FC Porto and SL Benfica are different teams, so you have to prepare the game indifferently."

Finally, Amorim denied that any substitution or rotation had been made with the Taça de Portugal in mind.

"We were fighting for the title and I only wanted to know about that. The Taça de Portugal did not enter my head. We wanted to win the game and we had to score two goals. We wanted to be fighting for the title."