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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "We had a lot to learn"

By Sporting CP
22 Apr, 2022

The coach reflects on elimination from the Taça de Portugal

After the defeat against FC Porto (1-0) that confirmed Sporting Clube de Portugal's elimination from the Taça de Portugal, coach Rúben Amorim analysed the match in his press conference.

"We started the game well, with more ball and employing our style of play. We didn't have many chances, but we had control and from certain balls we could have been better. FC Porto were having more success from second balls and waiting for our mistakes. Up until the 60th minute, we had the opportunity for Matheus [Nunes], but from then on the game became stagnant and FC Porto managed to make things difficult for us. When you have difficulties putting the ball upfield, it doesn't matter what characteristics the players have," he began by telling journalists at the Estádio do Dragão.

"Looking at both legs, FC Porto were the better side". Focusing on a week he considered "difficult", the coach looked back on his journey at the club so far: "Everyone has to be prepared at Sporting CP and we all have to pull in the same direction, because we know that we came here at a low point and what we did was take decisions. What happened today was football, and I can handle that better; not being competitive is what makes things difficult for me to handle."

Now, the objective that is on the horizon is "to guarantee second place in the league".

"Without that, we will have taken two steps back. Obviously, the fans are not happy and neither are we, but now I have my mind on the next trophy," he said, before reinforcing: "We know what we have to do. We have the clear objective to maintain this project."

Finally, Amorim highlighted that the team "still have a lot to improve," although he considers that Sporting CP "are much more of a team than last year."

"If there's a team in Portugal that has an idea of how they play, it's Sporting CP, and the players give everything. Today we lacked quality. I took a lot from this and the last game; we had a lot to learn and so did I," he concluded.