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Photo by Bernardo Vidal

Amorim: "The objective is to win and improve in relation to the last game"

By Sporting CP
06 May, 2022

​The coach gives a pre-match press conference before the game against Portimonense SC

Sporting Clube de Portugal play away to Portimonense SC this Saturday, on Matchday 33 of the Liga Portugal campaign. Ahead of the game, coach Rúben Amorim praised the opposition, whilst also stating his confidence in his side taking the three points.

“It will certainly be a difficult game, at a difficult ground, against a team who are very strong at defending in set pieces and have very strong transitions, as we saw at Alvalade. They won't be fielding the same XI as last time, because some players have left and there are others suspended, so there will be changes in the characteristics of the players, but not in their idea," he stated.

"We have studied the opposition and we are ready for the game. We are in good form and scoring many goals, but cannot suffer with so few opportunities granted to the opponents. The objective is to win and improve in relation to the last game,” added the coach.

Sporting CP are relying on slipups from their rivals in the title chase during the final weeks, and Amorim commented that “We have to have the same attitude, whether we have a chance or not. When you are at Sporting CP you always have to think about trophies, but there are two games to go and we have to win our game, earn our points, remain the best defence and we have to score more goals. We want to improve in every aspect and, when there is a champion crowned, we have to start preparing for the next season."

Despite saying that “anything is possible in football,” he admitted that he does not believe that Sporting CP can still win the title, but made it clear that he takes away very positive things from this season.

“The analysis is made at the end of the season. So far we've won two trophies, but it can't be considered very good if we don't win the league."

“I take a lot of positive things from this season. Now we are better and we have a better team. In terms of the club, because we didn't win the title, it's not positive, but the players are much better, they have a lot more experience, we've made it into the Champions League group stage again and we're still fighting for trophies."

“The players are growing fast, and there are others who don't have as much of a role, but who can appear at any time. That's why I feel very positive. I know that coaches live on results, but looking at this team, I'm more and more excited about what they can give and that's why my idea of keeping this team going to the fullest. We have the potential to grow, although obviously we have to make some changes,” he explained.

For this match, Amorim will have captain Sebastián Coates, whom he calls "important in all aspects of the game, and everything else,” available. An injury relapse leaves Zouhair Feddal out, making room for the call-up of José Marsà.