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Photo by Isabel Silva

Amorim: "What's frustrating is that we could clearly have won the game"

By Sporting CP
08 Aug, 2022

The coach gives his verdict on the draw with SC Braga

Rúben Amorim analysed the 3-3 draw against SC Braga on the opening matchday of the Liga Portugal season, stating that the result could easily have been different.

“We took the lead three times and we suffered at times when you can't suffer: At the end of the first half and at the end of the game. It changes everything. We had a lot of problems with second balls. We are good at holding onto leads, especially at the end of games, but today we couldn't do it. We also had opportunities to kill off the game, especially after it was 1-2. We needed to be better with our finishing to put the game beyond doubt and not let SC Braga come back into it,” the coach began by saying.

“Conceding three goals on the first matchday, the way they happened and the moments in which they happened, is a warning for everyone , but our team defend well. Obviously we have to improve in every aspect, but in this case, we have to get back to our normal level, because then we wouldn't concede these goals and we wouldn't let SC Braga fight back. Credit to SC Braga, who have their merits, but it is also our fault."

Amorim played down Sporting CP's early schedule in Liga Portugal, saying that “Every game is important. How you start doesn't really matter. We will have to play against everyone and we are prepared for that. Today we needed to be better and we had everything in our favour to win and to extend our lead, but it didn't happen. That's my concern and it doesn't matter what the third match is. We have the second one to come first and it will be a long season. What's frustrating is that we could clearly have won the game. The good thing is that we have a lot of things to analyse and work on. The players are smart and we will improve.”

“We drew with SC Braga. Now it's about trying not to make mistakes from the past and not creating anxiety, because the season is going to be long. We have to win the next game, and focus only on the next game,” he underlined.

"There will be moments of the season that we think are bad, because we drew, but sometimes they are good to go back to that feeling that we can't make things easier for a minute. The players know that and I noticed it in the dressing room; I don't need to tell them much. At the moment, the demand is very high at Sporting CP. We have to win every game, they know that and we will do it."

"That's football. Tomorrow we will prepare for the next game and nothing is lost yet. I don't want my players to think this is the end of the world. There is frustration with the draw, but we have a lot to win."