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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "We controlled SC Braga well"

By Sporting CP
02 Feb, 2023

The coach talks about the 5-0 win

Sporting Clube de Portugal's 5-0 win over SC Braga had coach Rúben Amorim pleased with the showing from his men, as he explained in his post-match press conference.

"It was a game against a difficult team that played with three centre-backs, which was different to what we had prepared for, but it is a formation we are used to playing against. Scoring first helped us, as well as the crowd. We started the second half well, scored the goal and everything became easier with the sending off of their player. We controlled SC Braga well, created several chances and won fairly," he began by telling journalists at the Auditório Artur Agostinho.

Speaking about Youssef Chermiti, who made his first start for the club, the coach said that the striker "showed the characteristics he possesses."

"He hasn't been playing because he was injured, but he showed a lot tonight. He's going to improve a lot, as he's still very young. I'm very happy with him. He's a very confident kid, but he works hard. When those two things come together, you can only get a player with a bright future."

Commenting on Héctor Bellerín, a winter signing for the club who did not feature in the game, Amorim stated "he is an experienced player who has already played for big clubs. There is the prospect of him being able to stay and that is important. We have someone on the coaching staff who knows him well, and that's a help," he added, before talking about the experience that Sporting CP have been gaining.

"Big clubs have to win big games, but the most important thing is when we have to win every week. It's a difficult thing that players sometimes don't have. We have players with a lot of talent, but some don't grow with this."

On the subject of Ricardo Esgaio, who received applause in Alvalade for his performance, Amorim analysed that: "Esgaio needs to play. He has already shown quality at SC Braga and in his first season at Sporting CP. Pedro Porro being here made everything more difficult for him. There's no way to hide that he has had some games that weren't as good, which didn't help, as well as the results for the team. Today he played as he always does. Half of his performance is down to the fans. When a player feels supported, it's much better. Sportinguistas realized that they had to help Esgaio, because in doing so they are helping Sporting CP."

Finally, the coach also addressed the performance of Jeremiah St. Juste.

"In every moment of the game he shows a lot of quality. He needs several games. He didn't have a preseason and it was hard for him to get on the pace, but he is perfect for that position. He has offensive and defensive ability and is very fast, which is a determining factor. I hope not only for this from him, but also that he improves," he concluded.