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Photo by João Pedro Morais

Paulinho: "We have a second game in which to try to do more"

By Sporting CP
16 Mar, 2023

The striker is looking for a winning performance against Arsenal

Paulinho was present at the Emirates Stadium upon Sporting Clube de Portugal's arrival in London, on the eve of the UEFA Europa League tie against Arsenal.

The striker, who scored in the first leg against the Gunners, spoke about the 2-2 result and his recent good form.

"It's important to play well and score, but confidence also comes from what we do every day -individually and collectively. We have to focus on that, on what we can control," he said.

"We ended the first leg feeling that we could have won, because we played to win and that was shown in the game. Now we have a second game to try to do more and better," he added.

Questioned about the great season that Premier League leaders Arsenal have had, Paulinho assured that he had no fear about this.

"We have to think that if we want to get better, we have to fight against the best teams. We can't look at it any other way. That's what we did last week and this is how we're going to do it tomorrow."

Paulinho also has no doubts that the large presence of Sporting CP supporters at the Emirates Stadium will make the team feel at home.

"We can hear them throughout the whole game. It was like that in Manchester last year against City and against Tottenham Hotspur this season, and at many other stadiums. Even though we're playing away, we'll feel like we have part of our home here," he concluded.

Arsenal vs. Sporting CP is scheduled for 8pm local time this Thursday, at the Emirates Stadium in London.