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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "It was a deserved win, but also unfair on SC Farense"

By Sporting CP
01 Oct, 2023

The coach is honest in his assessment of Matchday 7

After the hard-fought 2-3 win away to SC Farense, Sporting CP coach Rúben Amorim attended a press conference to analyse the game and began by praising the strong support of the away fans in Faro.

"We have always had their support and today they were very important in difficult moments. On Thursday we will have more of them and we need the help of the fans", said the coach, before stating that "the key was the third goal, which unlocked the game".

"It was a game that was difficult, became easy and then, with two dead ball situations, was level. In the first half we could have been better with the ball, we were better in the second half, we created chances, we didn't score and SC Farense grew in strength, won two free kicks and two very good strikes from one player made all the difference. Then it was a case of trying to go 2-3 up, and we ended up achieving it".

"SC Farense outdid themselves. They played against a 'big' team and, when losing 0-2, they still managed to equalise. In the first half we didn't have the imagination or the calm that we should have had. Now we have to see where we could have been better and made the night easier, because the circumstances of the game dictated that. It didn't happen, but we ended up earning the three points", he told the media

Asked to comment on the penalty that resulted in Sporting CP's decisive third goal, Amorim reaffirmed that he does not talk about referees, adding: "It would be unfair to analyse the last incident and not all of them".

"We had everything we needed to have a peaceful night, but we made it trickier. It was a deserved win for Sporting CP, but at the same time an unfair defeat for SC Farense. If justice is about who created more opportunities and came closer to scoring, Sporting CP were clearly fair winners. If we talk about a team that was stoic in the way they defended, worked together, fought against everything that happened in the game and were always on the lookout for the counterattack, losing the three points was a little unfair on them. But football is about who scores the most goals".

Finally, Amorim addressed the early replacement of Sebastián Coates due to an injury and stressed that "no matter what happens, Coates will not play on Thursday. He felt a knock and he is very experienced, so he was able to take precautions".