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Amorim: "We have to deal with every moment of the game and the season well"

By Sporting CP
18 Feb, 2024

The coach talks previews the game against Moreirense FC

Sporting Clube de Portugal play on Monday away at Moreirense FC, on Matchday 22 in Liga Portugal. Previewing the match, coach Rúben Amorim said he expects a difficult game and warned about the quality of the opposition.

“It will be a completely different game to the one we had in the Europa League last week. Moreirense FC have no responsibility to do so, but they will want to win the game. We have looked at all of Moreirense FC's home games, on a slightly smaller pitch -mainly in terms of width- and this changes the set pieces, the throw-ins into the box and the way they approach the game. Therefore, the precautions we have to take are to press a lot without the ball. We have also prepared very well for the transitions, which is something which they are very good at. We have prepared all the nuances and we have told the players that the championship is made up of different moments, different feelings, and that everything doesn't always go well the first time around. We don't always control the opposition from the beginning. Therefore, we have to deal with every moment of the game and the season well, knowing that nothing is eternal,” he began by saying.

“We are prepared for a difficult game and also for the mountain that we have to climb from here until the end of the season. I foresee a very difficult game against opponents with a lot of quality."

For this game, the coach revealed that youngster Rafael Nel, who debuted for the senior side last week, would not be travelling, as “we felt it was important, this weekend, for him to stay with the B team, and that Jeremiah St. Juste “still needs to train more”, but stated that Ousmane Diomande will be with the squad.

As for the support from the fans, Amorim explained that he thinks Sportinguistas are pleased with what is being done across the club.

“Above all, I see the fans as more confident in the club itself. They see that there is a path to follow and, obviously, setbacks like what happened last year can happen, but I think the support is more global and not localised in the first team. The club itself is doing better.”

“Then, of course, they also see the team's results, the way the players fight, how they score goals. They see that there are very talented players and this helps to create a positive wave in the team. There is a long way to go and we need our fans. Selling out tickets is very important for us because I feel that there is an increasing connection between the players and the fans," said the coach.

“This is a good moment the team are going through, which gives confidence, but a result changes everything.".