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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "It always feels good to break records"

By Sporting CP
12 May, 2024

The Sporting CP coach talks after the penultimate Liga Portugal game of the season

Sporting CP coach Rúben Amorim was satisfied with his side's 0-1 win against GD Estoril Praia, which allowed them to break two more records this season: 28 wins and 87 points.

“After a week of celebrations, there could always be some relaxation, but we always had the game under control. I would be more worried if there had been many chances for GD Estoril Praia or if the game had been very evenly matched, but I didn't feel that. I always felt the game was under control, with GD Estoril Praia waiting for us to lose the ball. The game started a little bit of a stalemate, with it being system against system, one team with the ball and the other without the ball, with no big chances, but we were very competent and serious and we won deservedly once again," he said.

“It was important to break the record for points and victories and now we still have one more game to increase these numbers. It always feels good to break these records and I think that this team, because of the good season they've had, the goals they scored, the spectacle they have provided and because of the atmosphere that was always there at home, deserve it."

"It's also important to win the Taça de Portugal to make it a complete season. It's not going to feel like enough if we only win the league,” commented Amorim, highlighting the ambition to win the cup competition.

“We have one more week to go, and then the league season is over. We can celebrate at the stadium for a few hours, but then we won't talk about the league title anymore. It will be the Taça de Portugal and I'm confident, knowing it's going to be a completely different game. We have to be aware of who the opposition are, who their coach is, what season it is. All of this will come into play, but we will be prepared for it.”

Amorim also praised Diogo Pinto, who debuted in goal with “a very calm performance,” and also spoke about Miguel Menino's first appearance, saying that "Sporting CP like to reward the hard work of young players."