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Sporting Clube de Portugal statement

By Jornal Sporting
14 Dec, 2016

Statement from Sporting Clube de Portugal's Clinical Director

Today (Tuesday), an antidoping team left the Sporting Clube de Portugal Academy at 22h30. In 10 years as a doctor with professional teams in the first division, I have never seen such a thing happen: antidoping tests for the whole in the middle of the night, a day before a match.

In the last seven days, the club has been the subject of control four times. 7th of December (UEFA), 8th, 11th and 13th (ADOP) of December. The following players were submitted to urine and blood tests:

- Twice: Adrien, Gelson, Coates, João Pereira, Zeegelaar, Schelotto, Douglas, André, Paulo Oliveira and Meli;

- Once: Rui Patrício, Beto, Jug, Esgaio, Semedo, Jefferson, Petrovic, William, Bruno César, Alan Ruiz, Bryan Ruiz, Bruno Paulista, Elias, Matheus and Bas Dost.

We have nothing to hide and Sporting Clube de Portugal supports all measures taken in contribution to true sportsmanship and the eradication of illicit acts which damage the health professional athletes. The lack of common sense and respect for the squad shown by the undertaking of antidoping control during the night before a match is saddening. The procedure not only disturbed our afternoon training session, but also in the recovery and rest of players who have three matches in one week in addition to an eight hour plane trip. Perhaps these four controls (in seven days) could have been undertaken after the match or on the following day.

Frederico Varandas

(SCP Clinical Director)

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