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Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!

By Sporting CP
05 Feb, 2023

A tribute to the Greatest of All Time

On a special day, for a special athlete, a special gift: here is the Cristiano Ronaldo Box.

Limited Edition in tribute to the best Portuguese player of all time, to celebrate the 21st anniversary of his official debut for Sporting Clube de Portugal’s first team.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut was on the 14th of August 2002, for the Champion’s League third qualifying round, against FC Inter Milano.

The Cristiano Ronaldo Box includes a replica of the jersey he wore on his debut and an unprecedented book which describes his 7 years at Sporting CP’s Youth Academy, only to become CR7, the 5 time winner of the FIFA Ballon D’Or and a living legend who earned his place in History as one of the best players of all time.

An amazing life story, a real example of Effort, Dedication, Devotion and Glory.  

Come celebrate this day with Cristiano Ronaldo and acquire this Limited Edition before it runs out!

Now available at or at our Megastore at José Alvalade Stadium.

Photo by César Santos

João Rocha Arena opens doors

By Jornal Sporting
22 Jun, 2017

The country's most modern sports arena ready to host Sporting CP

The 21st of June 2017, which is curiously exactly 15 years since the opening of the Sporting Academy, will be remembered as the day that the João Rocha Arena officially opened its doors to the public.

The ceremony got underway at 17h00 with the inauguration of the Visconde de Alvalade roundabout (between the arena and the stadium), proudly showing the words of president Bruno de Carvalho: "Talent is needed, but only with hard work, fighting spirit, drive, attitude and dedication to this club's objectives will be be champions."

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of well known Sporting CP personalities and also saw the president of the Lisbon Municipal Council, Fernando Medina, take to the stage to share his thoughts: "We shouldn't be scared to state facts. This is an historic moment for this great institution and for our city. I remember very well the world's best ever hockey team: "Ramalhete, Rendeiro, Sobrinho, Chana and Livramento. The fantasies of every Sporting CP fans are packed full of athletes who have been fundamental across a range of sports. Sporting CP is a massive part of Portuguese sport."

Bruno de Carvalho himself took on the role as presenter, calling up to the stage various people who have played a crucial part in building the arena, including the German architect Andreas Moerschel.

Photo by José Cruz

João Rocha Arena sold out

By Sporting CP
19 Jun, 2017

New arena set for a full house for opening

All invitations available for the inauguration of the João Rocha Arena have now been delivered.

The event will get underway at 18h30, with ceremonies organised in the build up for the facility's new football pitches and access roundabout.


Statement: Sporting Clube de Portugal

By Jornal Sporting
18 Jun, 2017

Sporting CP statement following wildfires in Pedrogão Grande

Sporting Clube de Portugal shares the most sincere condolences for the family friends and loved ones of the victims of the wildfires in Pedrogão Grande.

While we are aware that anything we can do at this difficult time will always be just a small gesture, the Sporting Foundation and the club are fully available to support the victims of the wildfires and the firemen and women battling them.

Photo by José Cruz

João Rocha Arena set to open its doors

By Sporting CP
13 Jun, 2017

Ceremony scheduled for the 21st of June

The João Rocha Arena will officially open its doors on the 21st of June, with an institutional ceremony set to be attended by representatives from right across the Sporting universe.

Guests at the ceremony will include club members and fans who contributed to Mission Pavilion, coaches, athletes, organised fan groups, the Lions of Portugal, the Stromp Group and Sporting Supporters' Clubs from around the world.

Photo by D.R.

Sporting CP teams up with Salutare Clinic

By Sporting CP
14 Jun, 2017

Another partnership to care for Sporting CP athletes in the north of Portugal

Sporting CP has secured a partnership with the Salutare Clinic in Braga, as part of the club's programme to support athletes living in the north of Portugal.

The Salutare Clinic protocol comes on the back of similar deals with Fisiomar (Póvoa do Varzim) and Fisiojane (Famalicão), supporting the treatment and recovery of athletes from the club's athletics and Olympic departments.

Speaking about the new partnership, Sílvia Saiote affirmed the importance of providing care for athletes who do not have immediate access to the Estádio José Alvalade facilities: "We pick clinics based on a rigorous criteria and we are always looking to help our athletes. This is a partnership not only for our Olympic department, but also for our athletics teams too."

The Salutare Clinic co-founder was also on hand to share his thoughts: "It is really good to work with the best athletes and we can share our experience with Sporting CP's medical team too."

Statement: Sporting Clube de Portugal

By Jornal Sporting
05 Jun, 2017

22 years later, volleyball returns to Alvalade

Sporting Clube de Portugal has announced the return of volleyball as an official sport at the club, 22 years after the department last closed its doors.

The senior male team will compete in National Division I in the 2017/2018 season.

As the department's first signing Sporting Clube de Portugal has announced Miguel Maia will wear the captain's armband.

Photo by César Santos

Club Store closed for inventory

By Jornal Sporting
04 Jun, 2017

Estádio José Alvalade Store closed for two days

Sporting CP informs that the Official Club Store in Estádio José Alvalade will close for inventory taking on the 6th and 7th of June.

Photo by José Cruz

Sporting CP and DLC team up

By Jornal Sporting
19 May, 2017

Alvalade building relationships in eLearning

Sporting CP and Distance Learning Consulting (DLC) have agreed a partnership geared around products and services in eLearning and bLearning formats, in addition to the commercialisation of the courses offered by DLB.

Through the new deal Alvalade is looking to contribute to the development of human resources professionals involved in both national and international sport.

Vice-president Carlos Vieira was on hand to explain the initiative: "This protocol builds on what we have been doing over the last four years. Sporting CP is always involved in training and the opportunity to work with this company both nationally and internationally will get the best out of our know-how and an infrastructure that isn't used much in Portugal."

DLS representative António Augusto Fernandes also showed his backing: "This is a partnership aimed at training in general. We are a pioneering company when it comes to eLearning and this protocol is hugely important for us. Our platform can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones and this deal comes at the right time."

Photo by José Cruz

João Rocha Arena set for grand opening

By Jornal Sporting
12 May, 2017

New Alvalade facility to open in June

The João Rocha Arena will officially open its doors on the 21st of June 2017.

The brand new facility has a 3,000 seater main court, which will host futsal, roller hockey and handball as of the 2017/18 season.


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