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Photo by José Cruz

"We have been on the front line"

By Jornal Sporting
27 Apr, 2017

Bruno de Carvalho on the success of The Future of Football International Congress

Bruno de Carvalho made his closing comments at the III The Future of Football International Congress this Thursday. For the Alvalade chief, this year's event adds further to what is becoming an initiative referenced internationally.

"We have been on the front line, putting forward proposals. We have to recognise what is wrong and think about the future, like Emanuel Medeiros told us. We want Sporting CP to take on a role globally. Since I arrived I have been fighting for my club, to make sure we don't stagnate. We have to work together as a team and think outside of the box. Speaking about integrity and honestly in football isn't enough, we have to actually do something and that is what this congress is about", said Bruno de Carvalho.

The Sporting CP president gave the example of the video-referee which will be used in this season's Portuguese Cup final: "We are really proud to see technology being used in the Portuguese Cup final. We have been making proposals in relation to results, where funds come from and other issues such as refereeing. We are right to try and encourage change and we are ready to fight for the club and for football in general. This congress is hosted by Sporting CP and is part of our strategy. This is how we want to contribute to the industry."