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Photo by José Lorvão

Silas: "I never underestimate anyone"

By Sporting CP
11 Nov, 2019

Sporting CP wins by 2-0 against Belenenses SAD

Sporting Clube de Portugal won Sunday's match against Belenenses SAD by 2-0. At the end of the NOS League matchday 11, Silas admitted that the strategy had to be changed during the game.

“We had to change the system because we were not interpreting it well and we lost pressure. We were not taking advantage of the three centre backs and so we had to change. In the second half with pressure, we played better, created better occasions and scored, ”he said, admitting:“ Belenenses SAD was better in the first half, but in the second we were better and more competent and we could even have solved the game earlier".

“Congratulations to Belenenses SAD for their game,” added the Sporting CP coach, saying: “I know Belenenses SAD players very well, I respect them very much and I would never underestimate them. They prepared the game well and had merit in the first half. Football has taught me that when we underestimate someone, we pay dearly and I never underestimate anyone. ”

In this regard, saying that he did not like the first half of Sporting CP, Silas said he accepts the criticism: “We cannot play as we did in the first half, no, and it is normal for supporters to speak up. Honestly, when we play like this, I have no problem being criticized. ”

On the same occasion, Silas also praised the players' posture and is satisfied with the international break that will allow them to consolidate the work they have been doing. “The more time we have to train, the better.” he said.