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Photo by Mário Vasa

Amorim: "We deserved another result"

By Sporting CP
06 Dec, 2020

The Sporting CP coach felt his team were good for a win against FC Famalicão

Rúben Amorim was disappointed with Sporting CP's draw with FC Famalicão (2-2), believing his side were completely superior on the night.

“It's an extremely unfair result based on everything we did; we dominated the whole game, we created occasions and FC Famalicão did not, scoring only from set pieces. FC Famalicão did practically nothing. We leave here with two points dropped, because we ran the game at all times", the coach started his press conference by saying.

"Based on what happened in the game, we deserved another result".

Amorim also commented on the sending off of Pedro Gonçalves on 80 minutes, and the effect that it had on the final minutes of the game.

"We were dominating from the first minute. Still, we held on well and there was no danger from FC Famalicão. It would have been completely different had it been 11 versus 11 at the end”, he said.

“We have two points fewer than we should. We should have three, but we only got one. That is the consequence of this result”, he added, also giving his verdict on the disallowed goal late on in the contest.

"I haven't seen the move yet, but it seemed like a legal goal. It was a move in which the players were in the air. It seemed legal, but it didn't count".

Amorim was sent off for his protests following the disallowed strike by Coates, which would have earned his side the victory.