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Photo by Mário Vasa

"What concerns me is how VAR is looked at"

By Sporting CP
06 Dec, 2020

Sporting CP's president emphatic that a disallowed Coates goal was legal

Sporting CP president Frederico Varandas spoke to journalists after the game against FC Famalicão, in which a controversial decision by VAR denied the team victory.

“Once again,VAR had an influence at a key moment in one of our games. The final move of the match, in which a goal for Coates was disallowed, would never have been ruled out if it were for one of our rivals", he told the press.

"There are obviously normal mistakes in a football match, but what concerns me is the nature and the way the VAR is looked at. It was a legal goal".

The Club previously experienced controversy against FC Porto, the only other game in Liga NOS this season in which they have dropped points.

“As president of Sporting CP, I find it hard to see four points taken away from us by the misuse of VAR. I have already spoken to the President of the Refereeing Association, who shares my opinion: VAR must only be used when there are glaring errors. Now, the referee validates the goal, then VAR contacts him, he goes over the move with a microscope and the goal is disallowed. At any ground, this goal is clearly legal. The specialists come in and they look at a frame in which the arm touches the ball, but the goal is legal".

“We would have been four points clear, and they would be shaking about this, but the more they tremble, the more strength they give to this group. I assure you of this”, said Frederico Varandas.