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Photo by Mário Vasa

Amorim: "It was a very difficult game"

By Sporting CP
28 Dec, 2020

The win over Belenenses SAD was analysed after the final whistle

Following Sporting Clube de Portugal’s 1-2 win at Belenenses SAD, coach Rúben Amorim expressed his satisfaction with a hard-fought three points.

"It was a very difficult game. We knew it was going to be like this. Belenenses SAD adapted better to the pitch, whilst we had some trouble doing that. Belenenses SAD launched the ball upfield and played from there, and that's what we should have done too", he told the media in his post-match press conference.

"The players have been working since we arrived here to go out to play, but we should have done things the other way round. They gave it everything; what was missing was the coach better preparing our play for these conditions. This team is very difficult to beat."

Asked about the team’s chances of winning the title, Amorim spoke in the same way that he has since the beginning of the season.

"We’ve only played 11 games. We still haven't finished the first third of the campaign. It's too early to say anything, and these games remind us of that. Teams always want to show what they can do, and take points against the first placed team in the table. We have to adapt and we are doing so. We may not have always had a great game, but we have been united and ended up winning,” he said.

"If you go into the dressing room, you will not see a euphoric team. You will see a team that realise that each game is a war. We have to grow as a team and these games help us to do that."

The winter transfer window opens soon, and the Sporting CP coach will be hoping to keep the team together. However, he acknowledges that there are “no guarantees.”

"At Sporting CP everything is very well thought out and we have a strategy, but in football -and especially after the pandemic- we cannot guarantee anything. Whoever is at Sporting CP will do the shirt justice and give their all. That is their obligation: To give their all like we did today on a very difficult pitch."

January will also be a tough month on the field, with a packed schedule that the team need to navigate.

"We are prepared for it. I look at the game Gonçalo Inácio and other players had today, and I realise that they need these games. We will have some growing pains, but we will work on these a lot. I believe in these players and I am very satisfied. We need all of them and everyone will play," he assured.