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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "We had a very mature and consistent game"

By Sporting CP
28 Feb, 2021

The reaction from the Sporting CP coach to the 0-0 draw with FC Porto was a positive one

After the 0-0 draw away to FC Porto, Sporting CP coach Rúben Amorim reacted to the result in his post-match press conference.

"All games are a test, and defensively we performed well. We get a lower mark for our ability to get into the last third. We have to take the ball there. Tiago Tomás played much better, but he's a young player and still has to grow. We came forward well a few times, but we have to improve our ability to have the ball in the final third," he said.

"We were facing a great team: Juventus conceded two goals here. We kept another clean sheet."

Amorim also commented on his decision to bring on Matheus Nunes in the second half.

"We knew Matheus' ability to carry the ball upfield, and how many metres he covers. We only lacked the finish from him. He was another player to bring the ball between the lines and get into space when he has to. Whenever Sporting CP players come on, they do well."

Amorim expressed his belief that games like 'O Clássico' are "very important for the growth of our players, like [Gonçalo] Inácio and Nuno Mendes. They are very young and these games have great intensity. Nuno Mendes was playing against kids, and now he's playing against Corona, Marega, Manafá... We had a very mature and consistent game. We go home without having conceded any goals, and we could have scored on the opportunity for Matheus [Nunes]. We have a lot to improve and I'm very proud."

The Sporting CP coach also refused to comment on the performance of referee João Pinheiro, preferring to highlight the good work done by his squad.

"I was very focused on the game. It was a very difficult game and this is not the result of the referee. I am not going to give my opinion of the referees. It was a combative and difficult game. It wasn't very spectacular, but it was more of a competent game from a young Sporting CP team who are on the right track."

"In Barcelos against Gil Vicente we wanted to win the game and we almost only held back. Obviously we wanted to win the game tonight. If we didn't do it, it was because we couldn't and because we have to grow. Holding out for the result is not our way. Our idea is always the same: we want to win. This time we didn't succeed," said the Sporting CP coach, who added that "I'm not going to be a hypocrite: This draw keeps the difference over the reigning national champions, and it was a different game from the one against Rio Ave FC. We wanted to win."