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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "The reaction was excellent"

By Sporting CP
20 Sep, 2021

The coach reviews the win over GD Estoril Praia

In the aftermath of Sunday's triumph over GD Estoril Praia (0-1) in Liga Portugal, Sporting Clube de Portugal coach Rúben Amorim explained that he was satisfied with how the team responded to a week in which they lost their opening Champions League fixture.

“I expected a good attitude from the team, but I didn't know how the players' reaction was going to be," he began his post-match press conference by saying.

“The reaction was excellent. We were focused, everyone knew what they had to do and they did it without much stress, in a very difficult game and after a very difficult defeat. We learned a lot from the game against FC Famalicão, and we didn't rush. In the first half we controlled things, and in the second as well,”, began the coach.

“We remembered the team that we are and if we have to defend lower, that's what we'll do. We were fair winners. It was a very difficult game, but it turned out that we suffered less than expected."

“GD Estoril Praia had fewer chances than expected, because we went after the result, knowing that when a big club are not in front, it's like they are losing. We were clearly the team that had the most chances and that looked for the goal the most,” he pointed out.

Amorim also admitted that the last week was "the most difficult" since his arrival, but also emphasised that his players gave “an excellent response” at the António Coimbra da Mota.
“These are difficult times, but players have to realise that everything changes from one moment to the next. This team has not yet been through moments of adversity. They felt the stress, but it's not the same thing, and it's part of the team's growth ”, he said, rejecting the idea that the result was in jeopardy.

As for Pablo Sarabia's first-team debut, the coach said the Spanish international "will be very important this season" and praised his qualities.

“He is a player with a lot of talent, but he works a lot for the team. You can see some confusion at times about when to press and get the ball. He is looking for his place, but he is an above average player. Like all players, he needs time ”, he said, before explaining why it was Pedro Porro who took the penalty that gave the team victory.

“Everyone wants to score and I trust everyone. It's a bit of a competition between the players, because Nuno Santos missed one last season and was changed, Jovane Cabral also missed and was changed, as well as Pote, who got injured and was changed. Whoever misses is switched out, and now it's Porro's turn,” he clarified.

Finally, the coach sent out a warning about the victory.

"Winning helps you to overcome everything, but in football everything changes from one moment to the next."

“We were coming off a series of victories, we had won the Supertaça and were improving our football, and in one week everything seems to have changed. The players have to be alert, as this win does not put any ghosts to bed. We have to be prepared for everything," he concluded.