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Photo by João Pedro Morais

Amorim: "We want to win and improve our finishing"

By Sporting CP
02 Oct, 2021

The coach targets greater effectiveness in front of goal

On Friday, Rúben Amorim previewed Sporting Clube de Portugal's match against FC Arouca, scheduled for this Saturday, saying that he does not expect an easy contest but believes a good result will go his side's way.

“It will be a game like any other. It's away from home at a tough ground, against a team that are certainly well prepared and who in the last game deserved a better result. We know FC Arouca well and we will be prepared, he began.

“We have to win the game and improve, especially in our finishing."

"Even without so many goals, we have created several opportunities. The statistics are worth what they are worth, but they show that we have created chances and got into the box. The only thing lacking is scoring. We're not scoring many goals, but I always believe that in the next game we'll do more -and it's also important not to suffer, because we always score a goal”.

Amorim also spoke about Paulinho, praising the striker once again and saying that he only talks about him so much because of the questions that are asked.

"Paulinho has improved the team a lot. He only has to improve his finishing. He does what I ask of him, he just isn't doing what would make others value him more, which is get goals. I'm very honest in my appreciation for my players. There are periods in which strikers score fewer goals, and you might say that it's a long period, but I've seen strikers from other teams go a year without scoring and then explode."