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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "It was a fair victory"

By Sporting CP
03 Oct, 2021

The coach looks at his side's performance against FC Arouca

After the 1-2 victory for Sporting Clube de Portugal against FC Arouca, Rúben Amorim, coach of Os Leões, talked in a press conference to analyse the game.

"We deserved to score more goals in the first half. We could have done that, and then the game would have become easier. We didn't, so we went into the second half and they drew level off a transition, but we were able to react. From there, we closed up the game, in order to not suffer from more counterattacks. It was a fair victory. We didn't play as well as in other games, but the important thing was to win," he stressed.

Asked about the decision to bring Ricardo Esgaio, Daniel Bragança and Nuno Santos into the starting eleven, Amorim said that changes were made "with our offensive game more in mind."

"It was important to bring in new players and they are all prepared. We tried to play using the characteristics of our players and I opted for two full-backs next to the centre backs, because they are faster," he pointed out, adding that: "In midfield we wanted to take advantage of [Daniel] Bragança's good form. FC Arouca played higher up than we expected, but we ended up winning."

"With the pressure from FC Arouca we had several transitions where we could have done better, and in the end fatigue started to take over, but we held our advantage," said the coach, before highlighting the defensive work done by the team.

"We didn't give them many chances. The evolution of the team happens at the back, and it takes time. We didn't have a great game, but we controlled things and in the future we will improve," concluded Amorim.