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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "In the second half we controlled things"

By Sporting CP
20 Oct, 2021

The coach gives his verdict on the Champions League win

After a Tuesday night triumph against Beşiktaş JK on Matchday 3 of Group C of the UEFA Champions League, Sporting Clube de Portugal coach, Rúben Amorim, revealed in his post-match press conference that the game was still as difficult as expected.
“We had several chances, but the first 15 minutes were dominated by Beşiktaş JK. We had difficulties in keeping the ball and controlling play during that period, but Coates' goal changed the game. This has happened in several games, and I can give the example of the game against AFC Ajax, in which we went behind early. Situations in the game completely change the dynamics of the match, and that's what happened”, he began by saying.
“After that it shaped up for a very good performance, but we had several chances and we could have done better. We were defensively competent, and we avoided a lot of balls getting past the defensive line. The goal that would have made it 2-3 was disallowed, and that was important because we went into halftime ahead by two goals. In the second half we controlled things and could have scored more".
The coach later revealed the moment in which he felt victory was no longer in danger of slipping away.
“It wasn't until the fourth goal that I felt the game was won. We were missing chances and a team with the quality of Beşiktaş JK, in front of their home fans, can make it 2-3, even if it's in the 90th minute. We've had several situations in which we have scored two goals in stoppage time, and that could have happened".

Amorim also explained why it was Pablo Sarabia who was chosen to take the penalty.
“I even said that Gonçalves should be the one to take it, because I wanted to change things up. I knew that they would have noticed that Porro had scored two penalties recently. It doesn't mean that he always shoots into the same spot, but he wasn't comfortable and they decided amongst themselves. I give the instruction and if they miss, there may be a problem, but I couldn't even remember who had scored before. They decided on the pitch and for me it's a good decision as long as it's a goal”, he stressed.

Gonçalves would later go off “due to fatigue” and Amorim allayed any fears of an injury.

“He played almost the entire game and ran a lot. I don't think it will be anything serious”, he said.
The coach praised the work carried out by the rest of the coaching staff with corner kicks, which resulted in a brace for Coates.
“It's fully down to them: The players and the coaching staff won the game. I had little to do with it, especially in the first half, as it was decided with a set piece. We scored two goals in the same way, and Coates was also heading during the penalty incident. The balls in were well placed and the movement very well done. If it happens once, it could be luck, but when it's twice, the work that Carlos Fernandes, Emanuel Ferro, Adélio Cândido and the players have done must be given credit. They completely unlocked the game”.