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Photo by César Santos

"I am sure we will feel that happiness"

By Jornal Sporting
19 May, 2017

Bosko Bjelanovic one of four still at Alvalade from the 2010 winning side

Speaking with the press this week, Alvalade handball coach Bosko Bjelanovic did not hide his determination to bring the Challenge Cup back Lisbon once again.

"It has been seven years since our last European trophy [2010] and we know how difficult it has been, but I am sure we will feel that happiness again. I wouldn't say we are favourites, but I would say we want to win. We are unbeaten on our run to the final. Turda are physically a strong team and it won't be easy, but we have the quality to get the win", opened the Sporting CP handball star, adding a word on how he plans to get the better of  Turda: "We have to win by as many goals as possible at home. We know that just getting the win is the most important thing, but we want it to be a comfortable difference."