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Photo by César Santos

Sporting CP lifts Challenge Cup

By Jornal Sporting
27 May, 2017

Alvalade beat Potaissa Turda to claim Sporting CP's 25th European title

Absolute Lions! Sporting CP tallied a second win against Potaissa Turda this weekend (30-24) this weekend to bring the Challenge Cup back to Lisbon. Having already racked up a lead of 9 goals in the Portuguese capital in the first-leg, Hugo Canela's side went out for the second-leg in Romania all the more determined to win Alvalade's 25th European title.

More experienced and emotionally controlled, Sporting CP brushed off the hosts' early probes forward. Matej Asanin was in magnificent form in the Alvalade goal, doing his fair share of the work in what was already a 13-9 lead at the break.

The Romanians were backed by a brilliant crowd of 2,000, but Ivan Nikcevik, Bozovic and Portela were in a rampant mood and kept the scoreboard ticking over in Sporting CP's favour. Canela's side really raced away with it after the break, finally building up a 30-24 final result to secure the silverware for a second time.