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Photo by Mário Vasa

Rúben Amorim: "We have to match FC Porto's strength and aggressiveness"

By Sporting CP
16 Oct, 2020

The Sporting CP coach gives his preview of the 'Clássico'

Just over 24 hours removed from this Saturday's 'Clássico' (8:30 pm) against FC Porto, Sporting Clube de Portugal coach Rúben Amorim spoke to the media about the team's big game against their northern rivals.

Players returning

“We were without Eduardo Quaresma for a while, since he was already out of action due to a positive COVID-19 test that delayed his start to the season. We always make the most of what we have; we had some players away with the national team, but others were training this week. For example, João Mário has just arrived and has adapted well to the group. There were players whose fitness we managed to improve, and others who played one game for Portugal but then did not play in the second game -which helped our preparation for this match. We will definitely be a very competitive side in this match, and we will grow game by game."

Differences between Sporting CP and FC Porto

“We are two teams in different moments. FC Porto have won two titles in three years and we are building a foundation. We are starting out. Now we are building a squad with young talents and some experienced players. A Clássico is a Clássico. Whoever wins the game will be the better side; it's always like that. I see a strong FC Porto. Two weeks ago, away to Boavista, FC Porto won 0-5 and were a solid team. That's what they are. Sporting CP are growing in quality."

João Mário

“João Mário is a player with great quality and a lot of experience. I didn't know him personally before, but he brings a presence to the team, even in training and in the way he communicates with his teammates. He will provide us with good things, but he will have to run a lot as well. He has already realised that, to take anyone's place, he will have to work hard. I am sure he will help us a lot during the season.”

The keys to the game

“What Sporting CP have to do is match the intensity and aggressiveness of FC Porto. This is a very important thing. We have to be very strong in our approach to the game. FC Porto have strengths, but Sporting CP also have ours. We are teams who already know each other well, and we know the characteristics of the FC Porto players. But if I had to mention something that Sporting CP have to do, it is to launch ourselves headfirst into the game. You have to be very strong and intense to want to win. You can't be afraid of anything and have to face the game with a lot of aggression."