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Photo by Isabel Silva

Amorim: "It was an excellent game for our team"

By Sporting CP
26 Jul, 2021

The coach is impressed by the Troféu Cinco Violinos showing from his side

Following the 3-2 triumph for Sporting Clube de Portugal over Olympique Lyonnais in the Troféu Cinco Violinos, coach Rúben Amorim analyzed the game and expressed his happiness with the performance from his players.

"It was an excellent game for our team, against opposition who are not just any team. We were a little looser physically than in the Algarve, which is normal. Everyone was able to prepare for the game that matters, which is the Supertaça. Obviously, I'm satisfied, but we know it's only preseason and things don't count for anything except for gaining rhythm and creating routines to start the season well", the coach said.

Asked about the showing of Paulinho, who scored two goals against the French side, he praised the striker, but also brought up the impact of Tiago Tomás, who entered the game in the second half: "Paulinho is a player who has more minutes, but it's important to emphasize what Tiago Tomás did and the way he improved his heading game to win first balls. He had a goal ruled out by centimeters for offside. His ability to understand the game and when to press are all good. Paulinho is proven and Tiago Tomás is getting better. I'm very satisfied with his development."

Amorim expects the Supertaça game to be much more of a demanding encounter for his side, commenting that "I don't know if the level of intensity will be higher, but the level of pressure will be, and also SC Braga know us. We're going to draw conclusions and improve what we need to improve. We conceded two goals today, which is not good, but we have a lot of good things from preseason to take advantage of and take into the Supertaça", he added.

Regarding the players who arrived later in preseason due to commitments with their respective national teams, Amorim warned that extra care needs to be taken with them: "Coates played an excellent game and it seems that he hasn't stopped, but we have to handle this with care. There are no 'starters' in our team, there is a group. They are all prepared for the Supertaça. Now, the players who were very important last season and who had international duty need time, and we have to take care with them."

Finally, he commented on Nuno Mendes' withdrawal in the second half: "Nuno Mendes is, perhaps, the player who has the most difficulty, because he was injured with the national team. Then he came back and we still had some recovery work to do with him. He perhaps takes a little longer than the others to get back into shape. We're going to do some individual work with him. It's nothing serious, just a knock to the head."