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Photo by Isabel Silva

Amorim: "It was a deserved victory for a team that went back to its identity"

By Sporting CP
17 Jan, 2022

The coach's reaction to the 0-2 win over FC Vizela

After the triumph in Vizela, Rúben Amorim said that Sporting CP were worthy winners, and expressed his satisfaction with the attitude that the team showed.

"The first ten minutes were a bit confusing for us. We weren't able to push FC Vizela into their midfield, as we wanted, and we only managed to do so after that. From there, we created chances, went forward more times and scored goals", he said.

"We went into the break with a fair lead, in my opinion. In the second half we had more of the ball, but we could have been more incisive and we should have scored. Even so, I think it was a deserved victory for a team that went back to its identity".

Asked about Pedro Gonçalves' return to goalscoring ways, Amorim reflected that: "I was satisfied, above all, with the way he played -and that the team were more aggressive than in the previous game".

On a set-to at the end of the game between Rapahel Guzzo and Nuno Santos, the coach said that the Sporting CP player "has to keep his cool" when provoked.

"There are some who can handle it better, and others less so", he said, justifying: "There were sendings off - for the coaching staff- that shouldn't have happened, but we have to protect our own and that's what we did".