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Photo by José Cruz

11 Sporting athletes in Huelva 10k

By Jornal Sporting
07 Apr, 2017

Iberian Trophy this weekend in Huelva

Saturday will be a long day for Sporting CP's athletes, with Huelva hosting the Iberian Trophy where Portugal will take on Spain. Representing Portugal are 11 athletes, six in the male competition (Bruno Albuquerque, Hélder Santos, António Silva, Hugo Correia, Miguel Marques and Jorge Moreira) and give in the female competition (Sara Moreira, Daniela Cunha, Ana Ferreira, Susana Godinho and Sandra Teixeira).

Sporting CP athletics chief Carlos Silva spoke with the Sporting Journal ahead of the event, affirming his confidence in a good result: "Everyone will look to set god times, or to get close to qualification for the World Championships in the case of Sara Moreira. Everyone will be using the Sporting CP shirt, but of course they are representing Portugal and that always gives a bit of extra motivation."